The beautiful light.

Long used in the best European custom designs, Alinea is an Art Deco Concept brought to perfection by American engineering.

Soft and Flattering

Perfect for both kitchens and bathrooms, Alinea uses an LED light source in 2400K to radiate a soft warm light. By enhancing the warm end of the lighting spectrum, Alinea makes furnishings seem cozy and inviting. This applies especially to the flattering of peoples' skin tones.

Unique End-to-End Mounting

For end-to-end mounting, only Alinea offers a complete system. Futuristic in design, Alinea is perfect for accent lighting in commercial and residential buildings. Prefabricated end knockouts eliminate the need for drilling holes, saving extra contractor charges. End knockouts mean no mess and no jagged edges that can cut or strip wires … just continuous ribbons of warm light.

Lamps Snap In, Snap Out

For Easy Replacement! Working off standard line voltage, Alinea needs no transformer or ballast.

Standard Specifications
Luminaire Cat. No. Description
30CM 30CM Alinea (11.8 inches)
50CM 50CM Alinea (19.68 inches)
100CM 100CM Alinea (39.37 inches)

Technical Data

End Knockouts

Continuous run end-to-end mounting is to be accomplished through the use of factory prefabricated end knockouts to prevent stripped wires.


Utilizes a junction box. Not for ceiling mounting.

Keyhole Mounting Slots

The fixture assembly has keyhole slots for mounting on walls.


UL listed (for damp locations).

Channel Design

Fixture design allows the bulb to fit into a channel spanning its entire length. Luminaries and lamps are available in 220 - 240 volts. Consult factory for details.