The Look You Need to Know

Posted on November 1, 2015 in Ferrowatt

April, 2009 – G.Q Magazine Article

Dine out in New Your City these days and you can’t help but notice the lo-fi flicker of Ferrowatt light bulbs. It’s as if Thomas Edison had opened a design firm and landed nearly every cool-kid contract in town. Not that you can blame the restaurants. Today,the Ferrowatt bulbs are made very much like the originals from the early part of the last century. Nothing you can get at the hardware store produces a hue closer to candlelight. And while you wouldn’t want to light an entire room with these, they’re perfect for creating an intimate pool of light that you and your guests will naturally want to gather around. Hang these bulbs low and bare; they need to be close to what they’re illuminating. And keep them on a dimmer – the idea is to create atmosphere, not wash it out.

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