Wall Sconces From the Beginning

Posted on June 10, 2014 in General Information

The word “sconce” comes from the Latin word “absconsus,” which means “hidden or concealed,” so if you’ve ever seen a concealed light attached directly to a wall (rather than hanging from a ceiling or standing on the floor), then you’ve seen a wall sconce. Wall sconces are very popular today and usually are shaped so that the light extends upward, however, they weren’t always like that.

Ever since individuals began using fire for light, there have been advances in lighting fixtures. The very first “sconce” was a simple torch wrapped in oiled cloth and attached to the wall. After that came candles made from beeswax, and eventually, fire contained in glass or iron. After the invention of the light bulb, the world of sconce designs opened up and people were able to be even more creative with their shapes and the materials they used to make them.

LED wall sconce

Today, sconces come in a wide variety of designs, including ones that aim light downward or ones that aim light both upward and downward. As technology advanced and interior lighting grew, so did the sconce. Once LED light bulbs became a major progression in lighting, they were incorporated into more and more types of lighting fixtures – including LED wall sconces. LED wall sconces can be used to accent something specific or to simply give off light, but no matter what their use, they are an energy efficient alternative to the classic incandescent bulb. LED lights give off a soft, warm light and can last up to 50,000 hours.

At Aamsco, we’re always interested in lighting advances. That’s why we carry our very own line of architectural LED wall sconces. Bright, modern, and long-lasting, these sconces complement any wall space. If you have any questions about wall sconces, please feel free to contact us.

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