Artisan Designers Collaborate with Aamsco Lighting

Posted on January 31, 2023 in Products

Artistic creativity is a key aspect in lighting design. Coupled with innovative technology and engineering, unique and imaginative lighting solutions evolve to create a wonderful world of illumination.

Inspired by craftsman all over the world, Aamsco is actively adding boutique lighting studios to their portfolio. These talented artisans bring their distinctive visions to life through illumination and storytelling. Their original creations utilize sustainable materials, from reclaimed wood to repurposed hardware and metal.

Custom pieces are continually flowing from these studios. Our discerning clients are constantly looking for inimitable creations, and Aamsco will continue to deliver. Shop from these designer collections or give us your desired specifications so that we can create your own, personal lighting solution.

Shane Holland Rockchandie


About Aamsco Lighting

Aamsco Lighting has been providing innovative lighting solutions for clients around the world. Our factory has been manufacturing unique luminaires since 1982 and now produces quality, innovative lighting products for the millennium. Aamsco Lighting carries a wide variety of specialty lighting products to meet the need of any industry; commercial, hospitality, retail or residential customers. Our range extends from miniature lamps to specialty fluorescents of all sizes to the latest in LED technology. Contact Aamsco today for more information.

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