New glass hybrid LED

Posted on August 11, 2014 in News

The new, ALL GLASS HYBRID LED is the latest innovation in LED technology from Aamsco.  

The HYBRID LED lamps use COB (chips on board) LED Technology to create a “filament.” Multi, small sized chips are mounted together on a ceramic substrate to form one light source package. The ceramic substrate acts as the heat sink so there is no need for a “visible” heat sink.

Advantages of COB technology on ceramic:

  • High conductivity
  • Low thermal resistance
  • High light efficacy: 100-120lm/w
  • CRI >85
  • No glare
  • High brightness, high durability
  • Capable of being used in small, compact glass shapes
  • High voltage resistance: >4000V
  • Ability to operate under ambient temperatures of -22*F and 122*F

Aamsco is also the first to offer this technology in a full line of various glass types such as globes, reflectors and even vintage Edison style. They can be used in enclosed fixtures as long as there is ample room for heat dissipation. They are not suitable for damp or wet locations.

About Aamsco:

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