Alinea ES / Delta

Alinea ES Delta lighting fixtures from Aamsco Lighting are an exquisitely versatile lighting solution with a unique style that makes it a favorite.

Alinea ES / Delta

Standard Specifications

The light is distortion free. The color rendering quality is excellent, as high as 98 C.R.I. The luminaires are sleek and streamlined, yet they discretely contain the industry's most compact electronic ballasts. Both are energy efficient without sacrificing design. AAMSCO has taken fluorescent lighting one step further.

The timeless classic design of the Alinea ES enhances the beauty of the linear lamp. The profile of the Delta makes a bolder design statement while maintaining a clean, crisp appearance.

Energy Efficient

The Alinea ES and Delta use an integral electronic ballast to operate energy efficient T-8 lamps. The high power factor ballast conforms with all E.P.A. regulations. The lamps start instantly without the flickering associated with other luminaires.

In addition to standard T-8 lamps, Alinea ES and Delta will operate special high color rendering lamps. These superior color rendering lamps produce tri-chromatic light in colors that correspond closely to the responses of the human eye for a more true to life appearance.

Quality Finishes

White and black are painted after fabrication with a polyester resin powder. This ensures a thicker coat and smooth edges preventing injury or corrosion.

Before plating nickel, brass, or chrome, each component is hand polished with meticulous detail. Only the finest materials are used to produce these luminaires.

Ordering Data
Luminaire Catalog No. Description Lamp Type
9024 24" Alinea ES 1XF17T8/TLD18
9036 36" Alinea ES 1XF25T8/TLD30
9324 24" Delta 1XF17T8/TLD18
9336 36" Delta 1XF25T8/TLD30
9348 48" Delta 1XF32T8/TLD36
* Note: Not all Kelvin Temperatures are available in all CRI'S. Consult factory for availability.
Order Separately
Catalog# Description
LC36 3' Lamp Cover
LC48 4' Lamp Cover

Technical Data

End Knockouts

Continuous run end-to-end mounting is to be accomplished through the use of factory prefabricated end knockouts to prevent stripped wires.


Utilizes a junction box. Not for ceiling mounting.

Keyhole Mounting Slots

The fixture assembly has keyhole slots for mounting on walls.


UL listed (for damp locations).

Channel Design

Fixture design allows the bulb to fit into a channel spanning its entire length.