Holographic Mannequin

The world’s first intelligent mannequin

Looking ahead with technology in mind, Aamsco has formed a new partnership with HEADWORKS and introduces a life-like virtual mannequin with a holographic head. You won’t believe your eyes as this life size mannequin communicates relevant information to your audience. Fully customizable for any industry or event. Watch how the holographic mannequin speaks and moves its head with realistic motion. It can emulate virtual assistants, such as Siri, and is multi-lingual. The virtual mannequin can be used in many areas, such as museums, retail stores, hospitals and exhibitions.

The Headworks™ Holographic Mannequin head can be interchanged & customized and can be controlled via remote control. It can be integrated with RFID, barcode scanner, motion sensor, and image, speech & facial recognition. Through the use of Bluetooth beacons, smart phone users can interact with the virtual mannequin by using a mobile app. This mannequin introduces a new experience in visual display and communication.

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