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Alinea LED Lamps

Perfect for both kitchens and bathrooms, Alinea LED radiates a soft warm light especially flattering to skin tones. The Alinea LED is an innovative, energy saving light source that offers an average life of 25,000 hours. It requires no transformer or ballast and directly replaces the incandescent version. Alinea LED will work on 100-140V. Please note that we cannot guarantee that our Alinea LED will function properly in any other luminaire except in our own Alinea luminaires.

Alinea Bulbs
Alinea LED Specifications
Code Length Watts Volts Lumens Color Temp
LED-30SYM 11.8" 4W 100-140V 330 2400K
LED-50SYM 19.68' 7W 100-140V 535 2400K
LED-100SYM/24K 39.37" 11W 100-140V 810 2400K
LED-100SYM/35K 39.37" 11W 100-140V 1035 3500K

(*240-277V available, consult factory)

The Alinea® LED S14S Linear tube was invented and designed by AAMSCO Lighting Inc. [Delaware] and is patented in both the European Union and in the United States of America. ALINEA® is a registered trademark of AAMSCO Lighting Inc. [Delaware], and the Alinea® LED tube is covered under U.S. Patent # D 672,083 S and E.U. Patent # 001973132-0001. We attach singular importance to our aforesaid intellectual property rights and action will be taken against any party who violates these rights.