Light Bulbs

LED Light Balloons

Anywhere you need more light, Aamsco LED Lift-Lite will provide.

  • Glare-free light
  • 240 watts, 23,400 lumens, 360° shadow-free light
  • Portable & mountable on different components
  • Easy to store & transport
  • Requires separate power source

Bright and Clear

The "daylight" 5000k color temperature LED chips, installed in a 360° pattern within the specialized balloon cover, together offer clear illumination throughout the event space.

  • Six 40W LED panels: The Aamsco Lift-Lite™ provides high-efficiency 360° lighting at an impressive 97.5 lumens per watt.
  • Adjustable light angle & FULL/HALF light switch: rapidly adapts to diverse event space requirements.
  • Extremely efficient power consumption (total 255W): cuts energy uses a full 75% compared to current industry standard HID balloon lights.
  • Special-material lighting cover: the translucent balloon cover diffuses harsh LED light & produces a pleasant soft white light.
  • Also perfect for photo shooting, filmmaking & work-area lighting.
  • LED Light Balloons
    LED Light Balloons Specifications
    Aamsco Lift-Lite HALF LIGHT FULL LIGHT
    Voltage 100V - 270V (50/60Hz) 100V - 270V (50/60Hz)
    Power Consumption 130W 255W
    Operating Amperage 1.25A 2.5A
    Start-up Amperage 2.35A 4.7A
    LED Wattage 120W 240W
    Luminous Flux 11,700 lm 23,400 lm
    Efficacy (Lumens/Watt) 97.5 lm/w 97.5 lm/w
    Fan Input Voltage 24V 24V
    Fan Amperage 0.52A 0.52A
    Balloon Cover Size 33.1" x 19.7" 33.1" x 19.7"
    Weight 37.48 lbs 37.48 lbs
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