ADA Wheelchair Mirrors

Aamsco Lighting has been dedicated to providing our customers with top quality products that optimize their homes since 1975. We focus on crafting mirror and lighting solutions that not only look fantastic and function properly, but also can make people's lives easier, no matter what their situation.
Ada Mirrors

That is why we offer ADA mirrors that are designed to benefit people with disabilities. They are the perfect mirror solution for the bathrooms in a handicapped suite of a hotel, nursing homes, public bathrooms and hospitals. Their sleek design makes them an accent to any room, anywhere.

People who have a disability are in need of accessibility, and ADA mirrors provide that. We make these mirrors in a way that meets Americans with Disabilities Act standards. The way ADA mirrors work is very simple. They angle downwards, so that somebody with a disability (for example someone in a wheelchair) can see their reflection easily. They are the perfect accessory for any accessible bathroom.

These mirrors are designed with elegance and add style to any bathroom; they are also useful. ADA mirrors are part of our Mirror-Lux® line, so they feature lighting fixtures. These fixtures produce light that is brilliantly clear. The actual glass of the mirrors conceals them. This means they are virtually undetectable until you turn the lights on. Once they’re on, the light illuminates the area around them, which is great for those with a disability.

Aamsco Lighting provides our customers with some of the finest bathroom mirror and lighting solutions available. Our products highlight the décor of your bathroom. They also deliver functionality to help people with special needs. When you need a mirror solution that can accommodate someone with a disability, Aamsco Lighting’s line of Mirror-Lux® ADA mirrors can be the perfect solution. For more information on our ADA mirrors, contact us today!