100CM-BE ALINEA LED Wall Sconce



39” LED Linear Black Wall Sconce

The Alinea® 100CM-BE LED black wall sconce is an excellent choice for your home or bathroom lighting. The sleek design is ideal for those who like Art Deco and European light fixtures. Crafted with style and comfort in mind, Aamsco’s Alinea® wall lamp emits soothing warm light that creates an inviting ambiance without compromising brightness or utility.

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Versatile LED Black Wall Sconce

Perfect along bathroom mirrors, vanities, and many other applications, the 39” Alinea® LED linear black wall sconce radiates a soft warm light with sleek style. An Alinea® LED light makes furnishings seem cozy and inviting by enhancing the warmer end of the lighting spectrum. Often a staple of custom European designs, Alinea® is an Art Deco concept brought to perfection by modern American engineering. The new Alinea® LED consumes less space and electricity than the incandescent equivalent it replaces.

  • Hardwire only
  • UL listed for damp locations
  • Dimmable on compatible dimmers
  • Surface mount or recessed available
  • Consult the factory for a recessed kit

Classic Style Meets Modern Technology

Through Aamsco’s innovative American engineering, the Alinea® LED black wall sconce provides stylish and warm energy-efficient illumination. The sleek Art Deco design of this light fixture is sure to provide the form and function you are looking for in your home or commercial property lighting.

Perfect for Walls and Ceilings

The 100CM-BE Alinea® LED black wall sconce weighs 3 pounds and measures 39 inches in length. A 1.38-inch diameter provides optimal lighting in minimal space. You can easily place them in your bathroom around the mirror vertically or horizontally. They can even be used as a ceiling light for a truly unique aesthetic. You may also find ways to incorporate them as accent wall lights into your bedroom, family room, finished basement, or other living areas. The light fixture can be surface-mounted or even recessed to suit your preferences.

Sleek & Stylish Illumination with Just a Touch

Fully functional with compatible dimmers, the 100CM-BE Alinea® LED black linear wall sconce gives you greater control over the brightness of any space with the touch of a button. You can easily adjust the brightness to meet your preferences. Flexible, functional, and great with virtually any decor, Alinea® adds a dash of style to any home or business while incorporating the most reliable qualities of American LED lighting technology.

Vibrant Light While Saving Energy

The technology behind the 39” Alinea® LED lamp consumes less electricity and lasts longer than the average bathroom wall sconce. With approximately 25,000 hours of illumination in every bulb, you can help minimize your utility bills without ever sacrificing your comfort or style.

Unlike fluorescent bulbs, Alinea® LED lamps do not contain any harmful chemicals or pollutants. They are as safe for consumers as they are for the environment. When it’s time to replace the LED bulb, simply replace our plug and play Alinea® bulb with another.

Note: LED bulbs are sold separately from this Alinea® LED light fixture.




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