Innovative Lighting Solutions

At Aamsco, we offer vintage light bulbs, OLED, mirrors, and luminaires for your home or business. Contact us today.



Aamsco have been manufacturing unique luminaires for a variety of industries for more than 30 years. No matter what you’re looking for, we can help you find it.

Lighted Mirrors


Aamsco is proud to offer an array of mirrors that incorporate both fluorescent & LED technology. Our mirrors are the perfect way to add a touch of elegance.

Vintage Light Bulbs

Light Bulbs

When it comes to vintage light bulbs, Aamsco Lighting carries a wide variety to meet your every need. Whatever your lighting needs, we can help you find the perfect solution.

What can we help you find today?

Alinea LED

Alinea® represents the epitome of European custom designs, cherished for its enduring legacy. This exquisite Art Deco concept has been meticulously refined through American engineering and proudly crafted within the borders of the USA. Emitting a gentle and inviting glow, Alinea® possesses the remarkable ability to enhance the allure of pink, brown, and yellow hues, imbuing any space with a sense of coziness and tranquility. Its exceptional affinity for warm fleshtones bestows a flattering radiance upon every element within a room, unveiling their inherent beauty with resplendent brilliance. As the unrivaled choice for seamless installation, Alinea® presents a comprehensive system that delivers unparalleled convenience.

Embodying a futuristic aesthetic, Alinea® finds its perfect place as accent lighting in both commercial and residential buildings. Prefabricated end knockouts eliminate the necessity for drilling holes, thus eradicating any additional charges that may burden contractors. With end knockouts in place, there are no remnants of untidy workmanship or sharp edges that could potentially harm or damage wires. Instead, Alinea® ensures a seamless flow of warm illumination, reminiscent of graceful ribbons that bestow a sense of continuous harmony upon the surroundings.

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OLED Lighting Solutions

OLED Lighting Solutions

Always moving forward, Aamsco has adopted one of the newest technologies in lighting: OLED. OLED lighting is sophisticated, emits extremely low-heat, low-glare and low-energy usage. OLED light panels are made from ultra-thin layers of organic material that illuminate when they come in contact with electricity. OLED light panels use no phosphor and are the premier design in environmentally-friendly lighting. All of our OLED designs are hand-crafted at our factory in South Carolina. Our Artisan craftsmen can create unique designs utilizing OLED panels to your specification.

With OLED lighting, you gain access to a broad color spectrum and high light quality while protecting your health and reducing your energy consumption. At Aamsco, we’re always focused on the next wave of light technology, and our OLED lighting provides you with the latest innovative solutions.

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