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Linestra Light Bulbs

Aamsco can provide you with LED replacements for your Linestra® lighting fixtures. They will provide you with the ideal lighting solution for your bathroom, dressing room or closet. Linestra® fixtures usually utilize an incandescent lighting source that uses a heated filament to create light that is perfect for a variety of applications. Aamsco can now provide an LED alternative with the same functionality but with an energy saving light source. Aamsco LEDs for Linestra® lighting fixtures will provide you with around 50,000 hours of light.

If you are looking for an energy saving lighting solution that will give a modern appeal to a traditional décor, an Aamsco LED for Linestra® fixtures could be a great choice for you. They have a futuristic styling that could accent the more up to date features of any room in your home or building. They are also easy to replace, so you won’t need to hire a contractor when they burn out. The bulbs they use have specially designed input prongs that fit a certain type of fixture, but changing them is as simple as replacing a traditional light bulb. They are a carefree lighting source that is as beautiful as it is functional.

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Perfection is the goal when you are choosing a bathroom lighting solution that will give you the ability to bring out your natural beauty. A Linestra® fixture will generate light that is soft, warm and best compliments skin tones. They also have a linear design that allows them to produce light that won’t be complicated by mirrors that are located around the fixture. This makes it the premier lighting solution for cosmetic purposes.

The Aamsco Alinea® LED conforms to the same brilliant incandescent design, while offering state-of-the-art energy savings, while emitting the soft, warm light of the Linestra®. There is no ballast or transformer required. The Alinea® LED can be fitted into Linestra® fixtures without any modifications and can be used in place of the Linestra® bulb. Our high quality LED bulbs will be the best match for your Linestra® fixture because they will improve their functionality and exude breathtakingly clear light.