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Posted on April 11, 2014 in News

Released April 2014

With the new EISA legislation here in the U.S. and the Energy Directives abroad the manufacture and importation of inefficient, incandescent lamps has been severely restricted. This applies to the Osram Linestra lamps and any other brand of S14s incandescent lamp in all three sizes.

This does NOT mean, however, that the ALINEA® Luminaire is being discontinued. In fact, we can now proudly say that this design is still a viable lighting solution for bathroom vanities, and exciting new design ideas are in development using the ALINEA® LED.

The ALINEA® LED is a better option than the incandescent version in many ways. With an average life of 50,000 hours and a 3 year limited warranty, it will ensure many years of use without the frequent re-lamping that is typical of incandescent lamps. The ALINEA® LED is available in two color temperatures; 2500K with 90CRI and 3500K with 85CRI. The ALINEA® LED fits into all existing ALINEA® luminaires, as well as in any fixture using a standard Linestra S14s socket, with no modifications needed.

Consider the ALINEA® Luminaire when choosing a lighting solution in your next design.

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