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Your commercial business has unique needs, but every company needs proper lighting. At Aamsco, we understand the dynamic roles of commercial lighting, so we’ve created a diverse selection of energy-efficient commercial LED lighting solutions for a variety of properties including office spaces, retail stores, restaurants, hotels and more.

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Diversity and Customization

The right lighting is vital to the productivity and success of your business. In professional kitchens and workshops, bright, adjustable task lighting is essential to avoid mistakes. In the hospitality industry, the right lighting sets the tone and ambiance of a room and building, welcoming guests and making them feel relaxed and comfortable at all times.

The type of bulb you need will vary depending on your line of work. For culinary experts, we offer everything from recessed ambient LED light fixtures to quartz infrared heat bulbs for professional-grade kitchens. Our lighting solutions have widespread applications and can be customized to fit your exact needs; at Aamsco, we consider everything from quantity to color and tone, prioritizing your needs as much as your customers’.

The design and style of our lighting solutions are made to be personalized, so the bulbs you choose can be integrated perfectly to match the design and feel of your business. From high-end and modern light fixtures to antique style Edison light bulbs, we offer an eclectic collection of lighting styles and finishes for your business.

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Save Money with Commercial LED Lighting

LED bulbs are always cool to the touch, and they consume up to 25-percent less energy than traditional incandescents. In the age where consumers are more integrated in business than ever before, being eco-friendly is critical to success. Customers care about the impact their choices have, and you can assure everyone who does business with your company that they’re making an environmentally-conscious choice thanks to your energy-efficient lighting.

You will also save money on repairs and costs, as LED bulbs are affordable, easy-to-replace and last up to 15,000 hours longer than incandescent bulbs. You’ll never have to worry about your lights failing unexpectedly, and when the time comes to replace your bulbs, the process is quick and easy.

Commercial LED Lighting

Your Go-To Commercial Lighting Company

At Aamsco, we know that our commercial lighting fixtures and bulbs will provide you with an unforgettable experience. From a fast installation that leaves no damages to affordable pricing, our commercial LED lighting solutions are designed with your business’s success in mind. Contact us today for more information and to get started.