Edison Antique Light Bulbs

The warm, reliable glow of Aamsco’s Edison bulb adds a historical touch of refinement to any home interior or commercial space; inspired after the original design by Thomas Alva Edison, these bulbs recreate the innovative technology that pioneered the lighting industry. From home lighting accents to commercial interiors, we offer a wide variety of antique light bulbs that help you reclaim the past and create the perfect atmosphere.
Edison Light Bulbs

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The Edison Bulb: Versatile Antiquity

Whether you are looking to put the finishing touches into your period home or want to infuse a historical hotel with impeccable detail, the Edison bulb is the perfect choice. When you’re decorating a historic property or want to recreate a sophisticated atmosphere, antique light bulbs provide the perfect hue, striking the balance between antiquity and function. As reliable as any modern lighting solution, our Edison bulbs are an effortless union between past and present.

Gilmore 1900
F1920Q Quad Loop Filament
Tesla Commemorative
Vintage Design Meets Modern Functionality

For fans of Victorian lighting and Art Nouveau fixtures, Edison antique light bulbs are an impeccable, refined solution that is both eye-catching and practical. Theatres, restaurants, hotels and cozy home offices need consistent light without compromising aesthetic. The Edison bulbs features an authentic design that incorporates the original invention’s fascinating looped filaments. Restaurant owners who wish to establish an intimate, familiar ambience for their patrons will delight in the soft, comforting gleam of the Edison bulbs.

Edison reproductions can feature a variety of filament designs such as the cascading squirrel cage and rounded horseshoe. Double, triple and quad options all replicate the designs that popularized Edison bulbs over 100 years ago. At Aamsco, our collection features a variety of different finishes and styles of antique bulbs so you can select the perfect pieces for your space.

The Edison Bulb Embraces History

You can captivate the perfect atmosphere when you decide to purchase our antique bulbs. Any vintage light fixture can be restored to its original splendor with the comforting luminescence of Edison bulbs. From bedside lamps to antique chandeliers, antique bulbs are the ideal choice for any history lover’s interior design. For more information about our products and pricing, contact us today.