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Handicap Mirror

Aamsco custom designs products that can make life easier for so many people. We feature various lighting and mirror solutions that can be used to assist people with a variety of special needs. Our line of ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) approved handicap bathroom mirrors can be the perfect option for anyone who is trying to make a bathroom more accommodating to somebody with a disability. They are the perfect mirror solution for handicap suites in hotels, nursing homes, public restrooms and hospitals.

Handicap mirror solutions from Aamsco are specially crafted to deliver accessibility for people who are disabled. The way they are designed provides a functionality that is top quality. The glass in the mirror is angled downwards, which allows someone with a disability to see their reflection easily. They are ideal for anyone who might have a lower field of vision, for example, someone that needs to use a wheelchair. Handicap mirrors from Aamsco Lighting are a wonderful mirror solution that can be used to assist anyone with special needs.ghting.

The handicap mirrors that we provide for our customers are part of our Mirror-Lux® product line, which means that not only will they be specially constructed to assist people with a disability with their reflection; they will also be equipped with lighting fixtures that will act as an additional lighting source for a bathroom. Mirror-Lux® mirrors are built with lighting fixtures that are concealed behind glass inserts in the mirror. They generate an unmatchable ease of use. The fixtures that are used in these mirrors project light that is brilliantly clear, which makes using the mirror much less complicated. Handicap mirrors from Aamsco generate direct lighting that can be additionally helpful for people with a disability.

Since 1975, Aamsco Lighting has created some of the most cleverly crafted bathroom mirror and lighting solutions that have been helpful for people in a wide range of situations. Our products are designed to not only be aesthetically appealing, but they can also provide a functionality that is second to none. If you are looking to renovate your bathroom so that it can accommodate a person with a disability and you want top quality handicap mirror solutions that are ADA approved, our selection of Mirror-Lux® mirrors are some of the most premier options available for your bathroom. For more information on how our handicap mirror solutions can help you make your bathroom more handicap accessible, contact us today!

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