European Light Bulb Solution

Perfect for Light Fixtures from Europe

International distribution should be the main goal for lighting equipment manufacturers that want to reach their fullest potential for success. Shipping your products overseas should include making them adhere to certain standards that are set in different countries. Before you send your lighting equipment to customers outside of the United States, it’s important to understand that in different countries, the electric currents that are used to power appliances are set at different power levels than what we are used to. A standard U.S. electric current produces 120 volts of power. In European countries, the power of an electric system could vary anywhere from 220-240 volts. If you are planning to supply any European countries with your lighting equipment, you are going to want to include specialty European light bulbs that have been made to operate properly with the excessive power of the electrical current.

Aamsco lighting creates custom European light bulbs that will provide functionality and durability for lighting fixtures that are powered by a European electric circuit. Our European light bulbs are extremely high quality and contain filaments that have been custom made to adhere to the different voltage regulations for European countries. Aamsco Lighting’s European light bulbs can handle the excess power that European electric circuits produce, so your light bulbs will work, whether you ship your lighting equipment to Paris, France or Paris, Texas.

European Light Bulbs from Aamsco Lighting

Aamsco Lighting has a variety of different styled European light bulbs that can improve the functionality of any type of fixture or piece of lighting equipment. Our selection includes standard GLS European light bulbs, candle lamp light bulbs, ball light bulbs and pygmy lamp light bulbs that will function exceptionally with any European electric current. You’ll get quality European light bulbs that are made with the highest levels of craftsmanship in the world.

These bulbs are also perfect for anyone who is interested in transferring a lighting fixture from Europe to the United States. Aamsco Lighting has made that transfer much easier. Traditional European lighting fixtures have different light bulb sockets than lighting fixtures that are made for the United States. Normally, you would have to change the socket of your light fixture so that it could use standard light bulbs. With Aamsco Lighting’s first class selection of European light bulbs, this process will no longer be necessary. You can order European light bulbs with the proper electric sockets, so you can enjoy your lighting fixtures with fewer complications.