High Bay Corncob LED

High Bay LED lighting is the perfect product to choose for the "green" conscientious industrial consumer. These corn cob LED bulbs will deliver top quality, energy efficient lighting that can't be matched by any other lighting product on the market.

High bay LED lights from Aamsco Lighting can replace indoor and outdoor floodlights and security lights, Mercury Vapor lamps, Metal Halide lamps, CFLs and incandescent bulbs.
High Bay

Corn cob LED bulbs are a cost effective alternative to more traditional lighting because they are energy efficient. The energy that these high bay LEDs conserve will lower monthly utility bills for your commercial buildings. Corn cob LED bulbs operate by converting electricity into energy used for interior and exterior lighting and is a semiconductor that is similar to a computer chip.

360 Degrees of Brilliantly Clear Light

Aamsco Lighting’s high bay LEDs are designed with 360 degrees of directional light. Corn cob LED bulbs deliver the maximum floodlight effect for indoor and outdoor lighting requirements. These lights are easy to install because they can be retrofitted into existing fixtures by using either a medium or mogul screw base. You won’t need ballasts or other control gears.

Retrofitted for Your Convenience

LED retrofits also can help you reduce your carbon footprint. These high bay LED bulbs emit high clarity light while conserving energy and are excellent alternatives to traditional HID and CFL (compact fluorescent) lighting. These bulbs will burn for up to 50,000 hours, eliminating the need for frequent replacement. LED lighting projects extremely bright light and creates high visibility in areas. Corn cob LED bulbs warm up time and cold start problems are eliminated as well with high bay LEDs.

The Perfect Light for Many Different Situations

Another advantage to using high bay LED lighting is that they add a level of light that is conducive to appropriate usage. It’s the ideal lighting solution for a variety of different applications for industrial and commercial use.