At Aamsco Lighting, we feature railway lamps and light bulbs that can help you create an authentically rich light that is perfect for any room and décor.
PCC Street Railway
50W – 30V DC
40W – 30V
Interior Street/Railway Lamp
56W** – 120V
Operates in a total Vacuum.
Lamp contains no gas.
Trolley Headlamp
56W** – 120V
Water Gauge Lamp
15W – 32V
Street/Railway Service Lamp
50W – 75V
Rough Service
PCC Railway
50W – 32V
Shorting Lamp
Locomotive Headlight
250W – 34V

Please Note: All Lamps designated 56W have actual wattage of 60W. 56W is merely a manufacturers designation to differentiate from a standard 60W light bulb.