Railway Light Bulbs

At Aamsco Lighting, we feature railway light bulbs and lamps that can help you create an authentically rich light that is perfect for any room and décor.
Street Railway
PCC Street Railway
50W – 30V DC
AT19 Railway Bulb
40W – 30V
Street Railway Bulb
Interior Street/Railway Lamp
56W** – 120V
Operates in a total Vacuum.
Lamp contains no gas.
Trolley Headlamp
Trolley Headlamp
56W** – 120V
Street Railway Service Lamp
Street/Railway Service Lamp
50W – 75V
Rough Service
PCC Railway Bulb
PCC Railway
50W – 32V
Shorting Lamp

Please Note: All Lamps designated 56W have actual wattage of 60W. 56W is merely a manufacturers designation to differentiate from a standard 60W light bulb.