Corn Cob LED Light Bulbs

Aamsco's Corn Cob LED light bulbs are a simple retrofit to replace existing HID, CFL and incandescent lamps. No ballast required. Aamsco's Corn Cob LEDs are a simple retrofit replacement light source for many applications: post lights, street lights, security lighting, high bay lights, designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Our corn cob LED light bulbs are suitable for enclosed fixtures where there is enough space for heat dissipation.
Corn Cob LED
Corn Cob LED Retrofit Lights

Most models available with an internal cooling fan. Our unique design uses many, high power chips mounted on extruded aluminum creates a light weight LED that will not cause socket drag when mounted horizontally or base up. We offer 480V models, as well as dome-shaped corn cob LED models that fit perfectly into acorn post tops.

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Corn Cob LED Main Features:
  • Energy saving high power LED light to replace conventional incandescent, HID & CFL bulbs
  • Fast turn on; no warm-up or cold start problems
  • Estimated life hours: >50,000
  • Sturdy PCB housing with internal cooling fan
  • 80% more energy saving compared with conventional street lights, CFL, and incandescent light
  • >85 CRI with great directionality
  • 150 lumens per watt
  • Universal burning positions
Corn Cob LED Specifications:
  • Operating voltage: 100-277V
  • Frequency range: 50-60hz
  • Color Temperatures: WW2700-3500K, CW4000-5000K, D5500-6700K
  • Integrated Heat-Sink Design
  • 7 year pro-rated warranty
  • UL, DLC, CE & ROHS Certified
  • For use in open or enclosed fixtures***

***In enclosed fixtures, ensure the lamp has enough space for heat dissipation. This will ensure lumen maintenance and extend its working life. When products are used in outdoor fixtures, ensure the space is waterproof and well ventilated. If there is a ballast in the existing fixture, simply disconnect or bypass when installing Corn Cob LED retrofit lamps.

Corn Cob LED Applications
7w Corncob LED
3w Corncob LED
9w Corncob LED
9w Corncob LED
20w Corncob LED
30w Corncob LED
30w Corncob LED
40w Corncob LED
40w Corncob LED
60w Corncob LED
60w Corncob LED