Salon Lighting Solutions

Improve Visibility and Provide Clarity

Salon Mirrors with Lights

Dignify the atmosphere and increase the productivity of the light in your salon with Mirror-Lux® salon lighting fixtures from Aamsco Lighting. We provide you with the option for a lighting solution that will increase the visibility and clarity of your salon for your stylists and allow them to produce higher quality work. Salon mirrors with lights will also accentuate your salon’s panache and sophistication, and create an atmosphere that condones the creation of beauty.

Salon Mirrors with Lights

Aamsco Lighting’s selection of Mirror-Lux® salon lighting fixtures allow you to remove the complications involved with overhead lighting. Instead of having your light source coming from above and creating heavy shadows, our Mirror-Lux® salon lighting fixtures conceal the light behind a mirror and distribute it directly to the eye level of your stylists, allowing them to clearly see every detail. This backlit method of dispersing light has been proven to draw attention toward a subject and minimize any distractions to the eye that shadows can create. They illuminate the portrait of your clients, which will permit your stylists to focus on their every feature. This will create a more accurate canvas that will help your stylists craft their art with precision and give them the means to construct perfection.

Our Mirror-Lux® salon lighting fixtures will promote elegance in your salon. Your clients will bask in the luxury that these salon mirrors with lights can create. From the moment they sit in the chair, they will be embraced with a light that makes them feel like a Hollywood starlet, and that your salon is the last stop on their way to gracefully strolling the red carpet. They can intensify a timelessness that will make your clients feel as glamorous as Audrey Hepburn or Lana Turner. The enchanting glow of our Mirror-Lux® salon lighting fixtures will revitalize the feelings of alluring grandeur that radiates from the stunning stars of the silver screen and localize it inside the walls of your salon.

The soft luminescence of Mirror-Lux® salon lighting fixtures from Aamsco Lighting can amplify the majestic extravagance of the finest salons in the world. They can capture the lavishness of modern style and express your salon’s distinction and determination to reveal the exquisiteness of every one of its clients. They are an innovation of beauty and an homage to the creativity that your stylists generate on a daily basis. They encourage ingenuity and sanction creative inhibitions to run wild.