OLED Lighting

Aamsco Lighting has stayed on the forefront of lighting technology since 1975. Our OLED lighting solutions feature OLED panels composed of thin layers of organic material sandwiched between two electrodes which will illuminate your space beautifully. Learn more today.

Here at Aamsco, we create Artisan, hand-crafted designs; right in our Summerville, SC factory. Below a few of our offerings using OLED light sources. OLED light bulbs allow for unique, compact form factors. Our low glare and light weight luminaires can be positioned close to the user without the blinding light of an LED. Give us your specifications and let us create your next design! Learn more information about our OLED lighting solutions.

OLED Sconce
Odyssey OLED
OLED Fixtures
OLED Shelve Fixture
Modern Hanging OLED
OLED Modern
OLED Wood Pannel

National Lighting Bureau Interviews OLEDWorks and Corning on the Current and Future State of OLED Lighting

Key takeaways from the interview include:

  • Efficiencies are up and costs are down, and OLEDs are being specified in more mainstream applications
  • The lifetime of OLEDs is now rated at 100,000 hours, which is another successful metric in helping this technology be adopted in general lighting
  • OLEDs clock in at a very respectable 85 lumens per watt at the source level. Because there are no phosphors or heat sinks, there is essentially no loss between the source and the luminaire
  • There is no blue hazard and no UV, making them circadian rhythm friendly
  • Aamsco named a certified channel partner