OLED Light Panel

An OLED light panel is a modern lighting solution that is prized for both its energy-efficiency and customization abilities. Organic Light-Emitting Diodes (OLED) are organic materials that produce light when they are introduced to an electric current. Their soft, natural glow produces low-voltage illumination that is optimal for light-sensitive individuals who may suffer from migraines, eye fatigue, or insomnia.

OLED technology is at the center of next-generation lighting, and we are one of the leading innovators. Our diverse selection includes products that feature low heat, energy-efficiency, and dimming settings.

OLED Light Panel Bedside
Square OLED Light Panel

Square OLED Light Panel

Round OLED Light Panel

Circle OLED Light Panel

Rectangle OLED Light Panel

Rectangle OLED Light Panel

Innovative OLED Lighting Fixture Designs

Rather than being confined to a bulb, an OLED light panel is a thin light panel that lends itself to unique, compact form factors. The “lightbulb” is ultra-thin, consisting of multiple layers of organic material that are thinner than a strand of hair! Despite its miraculously demure structure, OLED light provides reliable, uniform illumination wherever it is installed.

All of our OLED solutions are incredibly simple to install and feature a nearly 100-percent glass design. They are easy to replace and dispose of and contain no mercury or other harmful chemicals. As the panels are integrated into each individual fixture, OLED lighting can be seamlessly incorporated into textiles that suit your design preferences, such as wood and various metals.

Although color tuning is not yet available, the technology behind OLED is continually evolving. We are happy to be at the forefront of OLED innovation; as soon as new features become accessible, we integrate them into our custom designs. No matter what direction lighting takes, we will always ready to provide our clients with the latest, most dynamic selection on the market.

OLED Fixtures
OLED Shelve Fixture
Modern Hanging OLED

Ideal for Residential Lighting

Comfort, creativity, and convenience all converge in OLED. The fixtures are surface-mounted, glare-free, and emit extremely low heat levels. Accompanied by a fast switch response and noiseless design, OLED light panels embody all the best qualities of optimal residential lighting.

Cultivating the perfect space requires thoughtful consideration; the type of light you choose is just as important as the fixture. OLED light panels are one of the most adaptable forms of lighting available today, giving you full control over the appearance, performance, and intensity.

OLED also promotes wellness and relaxation; studies reveal that OLED reduced eye fatigue by several biological measures, including dry eye irritation. With an OLED light panel, you’ll never have to choose between darkness or discomfort again. It has a lower blue light risk and is less likely to impact melatonin levels, which makes it the perfect choice for your bedroom.

OLED Light Panels

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At Aamsco, we believe that every light is personal, and with the conception of the OLED light panel, customization has never been easier. We would love to help you find the next best lighting for your home or workspace. Contact us today with any questions you have and to learn more about our offerings. Together, we can explore your options and find the perfect solution for your needs.