Bathroom Mirror Solutions

Adjustable Lighting to Save Money

Backlit Bathroom Mirror

The Alinea® LED lighting fixture from Aamsco Lighting is the premier lighting solution for any bathroom. It delivers brilliance and clarity that can’t be matched. The backlit bathroom mirror produces a vibrantly soft light that radiates towards the warm end of the lighting spectrum. This type of light complements skin tones, which makes these fixtures ideal for beauty mirrors that are installed in a bathroom. The direct lighting that they exude will also reduce shadows and awkward angles, which will give you the opportunity to see your reflection clearly in a mirror. They are the ultimate bathroom LED lighting fixture for anyone who wants a lighting solution that looks great and works just as well.

Backlit Bathroom Mirror

In addition to being a lighting solution that looks outstanding, Alinea® LED light fixtures are also sensible, because they produce an invitingly warm amount of light, but are still energy efficient. Installing LED lighting can help you reduce the amount of energy you use, which makes them a more cost effective choice for your bathroom. This will help you to promote a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Aamsco Lighting can now offer the same fixture with an LED light bulb. This allows for energy savings by using less electricity but providing the same amount of light and a soft, warm light color. The Alinea® LED light bulb cannot fit into every incandescent light fixture, but it does fit with the Alinea® style.

Simple Installation and Simple Replacement

Installing the Alinea® LED is easy because they directly replace the Alinea® incandescent lamps with no modification necessary. This backlit bathroom mirror fixture works on a 100V-277V system, so you won’t need to install a specialized transformer or ballast. They are designed to be a lighting source that functions for an extended amount of time, producing 25,000 hours of light. This is an impressive improvement, considering that incandescent fixtures only produce 1,000 hours of light.

A Dimmable Bathroom LED Lighting Fixture

If you want to control the amount of light that is in your bathroom, Alinea® LED lighting fixtures can accommodate your needs. The amount of light the backlit bathroom mirror produces is adjustable, which gives you the freedom to control the appearance of your bathroom. How bright your fixtures shine is totally dependent on your discretion, which allows you to alter the aesthetic appearance of your bathroom to fit any mood that you would like.

Aamsco Lighting can supply you with the perfect bathroom LED lighting solutions. Our fixtures epitomize the ideal balance of sophisticated lighting options that are as beautiful as they are practical. We can help you stylize your bathroom and give it a modern appeal that will make it more aesthetically pleasing, because it will complement the decor that you have selected. For more information on our products, please contact us. If you would like to peruse our catalog of bathroom LED lighting fixtures, please click here.