Luna 101 Luminaires

Luna 101 bathroom vanity light fixtures from Aamsco Lighting are accented with double laminate opal white glass that allows it to project the brilliantly clear light.
Luna 101
Introducing the Luna by AAMSCO

These bathroom vanity light fixtures have quality double laminate opal white glass that avoids any lamp hot spots. Its handcrafted metal construction is available in Satin Nickel or Chrome finishes. The LUNA is 12″ tall, ADA compliant and comes with an electronic Ballast.

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  • Voltage: 120v.
  • Ballast: Electronic ballast operating a CFL/18W 2G-11 base lamp.
  • Mounting: Luminaires should be affixed to a standard 4″ J box or smaller using a universal crossbar.
    UL listed for dry locations.
    ADA Compliant
  • Ordering Information: LUNA/ PC – Polished Chrome / matt opal glass diffuser LUNA/ SN – Satin Nickel / matt opal glass diffuser.
    Luminaires and lamps are available in 220V – 240V)
Luna 101
Ordering Specifications
Luminaire Catalog No. Description Lamp Type
Luna 101 12″ Fluorescent 1xCFL18W-2G11