Wheelchair Mirror Solutions

Approved by the ADA for Your Home

Wheelchair Mirror

Wheelchair accessible mirrors can be a bathroom renovation that can make a significant difference for someone with a disability. Whether it is in a nursing home, handicapped suite of a hotel, public restroom or hospital, ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) approved mirrors can make your bathroom much more accessible. Aamsco Lighting creates top quality wheelchair mirror solutions that are specially designed to assist people with disabilities and are approved by the ADA. They are constructed with mirror glass that is angled downwards, which allows people who have a lower viewing level to be able to see their reflection. These products are appropriate for a variety of applications and can be used anywhere a bathroom needs to be customized to meet the requirements of people who have special needs.

Wheelchair Mirror Solutions from Aamsco Lighting

Our specialized Mirror-Lux® ADA wheelchair mirror was crafted to be a useful resource for people who are handicapped. Not only are they made to provide a reflection for people who use a wheelchair for transportation, they also act as an additional light source in your bathroom. Our wheelchair mirror solutions are made with lighting fixtures built into them, which can make any bathroom brighter and easier to use. Aamsco’s Mirror-Lux® products are made with special glass inserts that subtly conceal lighting fixtures inside the mirror. The fixtures are barely noticeable until they are activated. Once they are turned on, brilliantly clear light will radiate from them. The extra light that they produce will be extremely useful for anyone with a disability.

Since 1975, Aamsco Lighting has delivered our customers mirror and lighting solutions that have accommodated their every need. Our top quality wheelchair mirrors can be the perfect addition to any bathroom. They are designed to accent the décor of the bathroom while providing a functionality that is unprecedented. When you choose ADA approved wheelchair mirrors from Aamsco Lighting, you are choosing a mirror solution that will look fantastic and will make a big difference to anyone who is using the bathroom that needs to use a wheelchair.

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