Featured Lighting Brands

Aamsco Lighting has worked hard to remain at the cutting edge of lighting technology since 1975. Over the years we have come across many other lighting brands that are as innovative as us. We love partnering with these companies so that our customers can find the perfect lighting solution for their space. Below you will see some of our favorite brands and you can shop for some of their beautiful products right here on our website.

Shane Holland Studios

Shane Holland Design Workshops are designers and makers of lighting, furniture, and sculptural works since 1991. As a Master Craftsman, Shane and his team offer bespoke lighting, architectural metalwork, fittings and fixtures inspired by nature. Indeed, they incorporate natural materials in their pieces as well. With thirty experience in metalworking, composites, woods, and plastics they have built up an international reputation with unique collections of lighting exhibited in London, Paris, Milan, Frankfurt, and Beijing.

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Rlon Studios

Rlon is a boutique design studio developing bespoke art installations and narrative interiors that convey a message through light. With a unique blend of artistic creativity and passionate engineering, they can take your project from the conceptual phase to a technical realization. You will benefit from the many years of experience they have gathered in the fields of scenography, kinetics, engineering and conceptual art.

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Aamsco OLED

OLED light panels are composed of thin layers of organic material sandwiched between two electrodes encased in glass. OLED lights produce a very comfortable, glare-free light and emits no harmful blue light, normally produced by LEDs. With a high >90 CRI, OLED panels also expand material options from textiles to paper to metals and wood – giving designers true control over the experience.


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For decades, Aamsco has specialized in unique lighting solutions. We are constantly expanding our product line to include cutting-edge technologies such as OLED lighting. We are happy to create custom lighting designs to meet your specifications. Browse our products or contact us today to discuss your lighting needs.